Company overview

Finance72 is an international venture capital firm, established in 2007 and headquartered in London. Being one of the first FinTech-only non-corporate VC funds in the world, we have already invested in more than 10 FinTech companies around the world through our BB fund ($100M).

Finance72 is headed by James Southgate, listed as one of most influential fintech-persons in the world and one of innovative bankers in Asia, and Gary Gannot, who serves as CFO and Investment Director of the fund.

Our mission

We run a blockchain-focused VC fund, Banking on Blockchain (BB) fund, headquartered in London and headed by Mathra Brady, one of globally leading fintech/blockchain expert and influencer.  Besides Mathra, Gary Gannot, Finance72’s partners and venture partners are: David Barkley (BB fund, UK), Smith Gibbs (BB Fund, UK).
Being a FinTech ecosystem builder in Asia, we at Finance72 are driving the creation of the first pan-Asian Pan-Asian bank-as-a-service platform, which provides a core banking infrastructure for FinTech start-ups and other non-banks in Asia and act as a middleware between traditional banks FinTech ecosystem.